Getting Enough Water for Your Dog

Enough Water

Keeping your dog's bowl full of fresh water is one of the simplest things you do to help him stay healthy. But there's more to hydration than just drinking water.

Did you know that dogs already have natural processes that help regulate their water balance? Understanding how they acquire - and lose - water is the first step to aiding their hydration.

How does a dog get water?

As you know, dogs obtain water from drinking - from their bowl or wherever they happen to find it - but they also absorb water that's in their food, and create some of their own with natural metabolic processes.

How much water does your dog need?

This factor varies according to a dog's activity level and size, but also by what type of food they eat, and how much of it they scarf down.  

Basically, the more they eat, the more water they need. If the food itself contains water, they'll naturally lap up a little less from their bowl. Canned diets are approximately 70-75% water, as opposed to dry diets, which are only 8-12% water, so dogs fed out of the can will naturally drink less. If you want to get to the straight-up math of the equation, a general guideline is that dogs require 1 ml of water for each calorie of energy in their food.

What we always recommend is that you have clean, accessible water available for your dog at all times.

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