Purina Dog Life Span Study

Purina Life Span Study

A Purina study showed that feeding a dog to ideal body condition can actually help him live longer.

The study that helped the Purina research team turn heads is called the Purina Life-Span study. Back in 1984, Purina researchers began looking into how managing calories and body composition could play a role in promoting health and improving the quality of life.

Purina Life Span Study

Researchers investigated 24 litter pairs. One litter-mate was allowed to eat an unlimited amount of food during 15-minute daily feedings. Seventy-five percent of that amount was offered to the dog's paired sibling. All dogs ate the same 100% nutritionally complete and balanced diets throughout the study.

As the dogs lived out their lives, the results were significant: the lean-fed dogs' healthy years were extended by 1.8 years. "It truly was a breakthrough study," said Mark Roos, Director of Global Nutrition and Technical Communications.

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