The Science of Dogs: Genetics and Behavior

The Science of Dogs

We’re working to learn more about the genetics and behavior of dogs.

At Purina ONE, we’re dedicated to learning as much as we can about dogs – and to sharing what we’ve learned with the world. That means we’re always looking for partners who have a deep connection to dogs and their relationships with people – and we’re proud to say that National Geographic Creative Studio is helping us tell their stories.

Working with our partners we’re putting our love for pets and our love for knowledge to work to make the world better for pets and their owners. Through studying both the genetics and behavior of dogs, we can learn new things about the way they think, the way they learn, and, of course, the way nutrition affects their health and happiness.

Learn more about our efforts:

National Geographic Creative Studio August article - Dogged Pursuit: Mapping the Canine Genome

National Geographic Creative Studio September article - Genius Unleashed: Getting to Know Your Dog Through Dognition

National Geographic Creative Studio October article - New Tricks: Research into Dogs' Behavior

National Geographic Creative Studio November article - Chasing Vitality: Promoting Canine Cognitive Health

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