Knowing Our Sources of Quality Ingredients

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See how thoughtful ingredient sourcing helps to keep our products and future priorities in balance.

Our aim is to provide high-quality nutrition for pets today, and in the future. That’s why we carefully select ingredients from suppliers who share our commitment to both food quality and the environment. 

We believe making a positive impact on the future goes beyond simply taking steps to make our own facilities more sustainable. It means setting high standards for our seafood suppliers all over the world to encourage them to source their seafood responsibly and have the same respect for nature that we do.

Creating Responsible Sourcing Guidelines (RSGs) for our seafood suppliers is one way we’re working to encourage sustainability. In addition to setting high standards for our suppliers today, we also work with them to make improvements so that fisheries where we source our ingredients will be healthy into the future. And we work with auditors to help verify that our suppliers are taking the necessary steps to improve their processes.

We know our critical habitats are rapidly changing. That’s why we work with leading experts and scientists to continuously review our sourcing practices against these guidelines. By creating these standards for our suppliers, and partnering with them for continuous improvement, we can promote positive change and inspire sustainability efforts not only with our partners but also in the world at-large.

From ingredient sourcing to efficient operations, to use of minimal and where possible, recyclable packaging, we’re always striving to balance our dedication to meeting pets’ nutritional needs with our respect for nature. To us, setting strong guidelines is a simple step we can take to create a better world for our pets, their owners, and the biodiversity of marine life on which many species depend both today, and for years to come.  

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