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At Purina ONE, we know shelter pets can make an amazing difference in the lives of adopters, and in the world at-large. That's why we provide smart nutrition and partnership support for some of the brightest shelter organizations in the country, helping to fuel their innovative programs and move pet adoption forward.

What shelter dogs can teach us

Discover how an innovative shelter program is helping develop emotional intelligence in kids and adults alike.

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#ONEdifference Story: Volunteers

See how a pioneering shelter in Detroit is training volunteers to make a real difference in their community.

Foster Dog
#ONEdifference Story: Fostering

A smart foster program is just one way San Francisco SPCA is saving lives and raising the bar for shelters.

#ONEdifference Story: A Pack Formed

When a pair of dalmatians lost their owner, a New York shelter stepped up to give them a fresh start.

“Feeding all the pets Purina ONE ensures that they’re receiving a high-quality, healthy, nutritious, consistent diet from the moment they enter our care, and are even sent home with a bag of food for their new families to keep them going in the right direction.”

— Erin Denmark
HALO Animal Rescue
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